Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19

We know this is a difficult time and we are here to help.

Please take a look at the below frequently asked questions in relation to COVID-19.

I’m struggling to meet my payments at the moment due to COVID-19. How can you help?

We recognise that everyone’s situation is unique, and we want to help you individually to get through this difficult period. Please contact our team of experienced agents who will discuss your circumstances and the helpful options available such as lower payments or a payment deferral for a short period. We’ll work through your current Income & Expenditure so we’ve a good grasp of your situation and how your circumstances have changed before agreeing a suitable way forward.

I’ve heard about a Government Scheme to give a 3 month payment deferral. Does that apply to me?

3 month payment deferrals are available to customers experiencing or expecting to experience temporary financial difficulties as a result of COVID-19 provided that a payment deferral is in the customer’s best interests.

If you’re already experiencing or expect to experience temporary payment difficulties as a result of COVID-19, then this may be an option for you. Our agents will take time to understand your circumstances and discuss with you if this is the right way forward.

What should I consider when deciding whether a payment deferral if suitable?

There are a few things to consider – a payment deferral may extend the term of your agreement so you’ll be paying for longer and it will end later than stated on your credit agreement. This means that you will be required to insure and maintain the vehicle for longer and will incur additional costs for example insurance, breakdown cover and servicing costs.

It may also affect any future Voluntary Termination of your agreement as you will have paid 50% of your total balance later than expected.

What evidence of financial loss or other impacts of COVID-19 will you ask to see?

It would be helpful to have evidence of the information you’ve provided on your Income and Expenditure, but we’ll keep this as simple as possible and specific to what’s changed e.g. letter from your employer; proof of benefits or proof of HMRC registration.

What will happen to my credit file if I need to reduce or defer my payments due to COVID-19?

We’re working with the Credit Reference Agency to continue to report the status of your account prior the impacts of COVID-19. So if you were up to date with your payments prior to COVID-19, and we agree a payment deferral, reduction or other forbearance is right for your circumstances which have changed due to COVID-19, then we will continue to report your payments as up to date and if you were in arrears, your arrears position will not get worse. We will report any improvements you’re able to make if you are able to repay any of your existing arrears.

The principle is that your credit file shouldn’t be adversely impacted by the unforeseen event of COVID-19

Will you repossess my car if I can’t make my payments as a result of COVID-19?

We won’t terminate or seek to repossess your vehicle where you’re experiencing temporary payment difficulties as a result of COVID-19. Repossession is always a last resort once all other options have been exhausted. Our experienced agents are here to work with you to explore every practical way to keep you in your vehicle.

I have received a notice saying that I am in arrears, but I have agreed a payment deferral with you. What does this mean?

We are required by law to send you notices of sums in arrears if you do not make certain repayments. This notice explains your current arrears position on the Agreement, on the basis of payments being payable to us on the original due dates for payment. Please do not be concerned by them, as they will not affect this temporary payment plan.

Can I arrange finance for a new car?

Absolutely! If you are looking to take out a new finance agreement click here.